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Download Word Template Request to Bank for Complete Set of Loan Documents:
Click on the link to download the template, then fill it in with your detals, and give it to the bank that has given you your home loan:

Click here to Download Bank Letter

August 14, 2020 – Derek supplies damning document against Andrews and all governments

Derek is back to tell everyone about the new document he has made available for everyone to download and send to their Federal and State MP’s, Police Chiefs, Mayors, Council CEO’s and anyone else who is causing harm to the people.

This daming document details the many crimes against the people and proves that these liars, thieves, criminals and TRAITORS have absolutely no authority from We, the People of the Commonwealth of Australia, to cause such harm against us.

Download the PDF: The Death of the Andrews Government

This video was deleted by YouTube… but no matter what those who hate freedom try to do to stop the TRUTH they can never win. Here is the banned video:

June 1, 2020 the Battler discusses Derek’s work, his successes, and an appeal for more people to step forward with their claims

In this episode, Derek tells us how he is helping save people’s properties from unlawful siezure by the banks without a court judgement. This is just pure theft and thuggery by the banks. But Derek is stopping them in their tracks, showing people how to deal with the rapacious banks.

March 21, 2020 – Sole Traders Cannot Pay Council Rates

Derek tells the Battler how he has been stopping Council demands for Rates. As he talks, Derek delivers the information we have been waiting to hear…how you, too, can stop paying Rates.

This information will create opportunities for many to change their lives.