Edith’s Health Chat

Edith Cragg, Health Advocate/Nutritional Therapist for CoolWellbeing Foundation

Edith Cragg

Born in Switzerland in the mid 50s, raised and educated outside Basel and moved to the UK in 1979 to get married to an Anglo-French lawyer, who worked in the City of London.

I was one of the first women to run a small construction company in Central London, where I also specialised in “turn key properties” and interior design. After a decade of marriage and the adoption of two baby girls from Sri Lanka – the family moved to the South West of France and concentrated on family life and small time property development as well as a holiday rental company. In 2001 the family moved to the Sunshine Coast and has been living here ever since. In 1986, after a serious health scare, my husband and I started to educate ourselves actively about health in general and alternative healing. I attained certified status as a Nutritional Therapist from the School of Natural Health and Science (SNHS).

Edith & Tim

In 2013, my husband and I created a private, not for profit, non-government foundation and called it CoolWellbeing Foundation with the aim of educating people worldwide on how to either regain or maintain optimal health.

We both feel that the current medical paradigm is often simply too profit orientated and many of the ancient healing modalities are being ignored or even swept under the carpet by the medical professionals in the matrix.

The foundation is hoping to release some of this “hidden” information to the wider public and thus hopes to be of service to mankind by collaborating with like-minded souls to get this often vitally important health information out there.

It is your inalienable right to be thriving mentally, physically, spiritually and in every which other way. If you wish to follow a more holistic path to attaining this goal, then maybe follow these podcasts and see how the information given therein sits with you. If you find that we have peaked your interest, we will point you in the right direction to educate yourself more deeply about a certain subject that carries personal weight for you.

So why not join us here at the Bloody Aussie Battler podcast on a journey of discovery – together we can hopefully find the solution you are looking for.

Where we go one, we go all WWG1WGA

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