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On Hard Times and Waiting for Santa

A Whimsical Entreaty from Kevin Annett Some years ago, over a glass of his favourite bourbon, my Dad reminded me ...
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English Common Law Explained

What are Affidavits? In this podcast, the Battler explains what Affidavits are, how to write one, and who to give ...
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Kevin Annett Pedophile Hunter

The Battler introduces Kevin Annett, former Protestant Minister who left the Ministry after learning about the genocide in Indian boarding ...
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What is Common Law?

They say that two things in life are sure : Death and Taxes But what if that is not true? ...
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About The Battler

Want to know about Mike Holt, The Bloody Aussie Battler? Listen to this: Podcast Text: I attended a meeting of ...
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Fear and Politics

This is the text of The Bloody Aussie Battler Podcast. Click on the link to listen. Discussion about religion and ...
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Who is Derek Balogh?

Derek Balogh is fighting massive fraud in the banks. He is looking for 100 Aussies who have had their home ...
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