The Battler and Dr Barry

Dr Barry McInerny has served in the police, as well as studied Common Law. He has a wealth of knowledge about Common Law, our Constitution, and many other related matters.

Watch the Battler and Dr Barry discuss the political situation in Australia today, as we discuss solutions.

Dr Barry’s goal is to help people in relation to natural medicine and help bring awareness of how our government controls its citizens.

Dr Barry works hard to help people understand the system.

As he says, “What would Life be like without some fun, so let’s put something to giggle about in addition to the serious stuff!”.

You can find Dr Barry’s Youtube channel here:

The Battler, Dr Barry, Lord Alex – Chairman Common Law Court Australia discuss progress on setting up Common Law Courts in each State.

Kevin Annett, Barry McInerny, and the Battler discuss Common Law. Learn what Common Law is, how it works, and the social benefits it brings.

The Battler and Dr Barry discuss the role of flags in our law system

The Battler discusses Admiralty Law and Common law with Barry McInerny