Who is Derek Balogh?

The Battler has featured Derek Balogh on his podcasts several times because the Battler believes Derek is doing amazing work helping people who are experiencing desperate difficulties with the banks.

  • If you have a bank loan from a bank if you are having trouble paying off the loan….
  • if the bank is writing you nasty letters of demand….
  • if your bank is threatening to take your property
  • if you are having any problems with loans and banks….

You need to talk to Derek.

But who is he? Derek has written to tell us who he is and what he does…. before you talk to your bank again, you should read this. It could save your life!

My name is Derek Balogh, and one of my members sent an email to me, to clarify some misunderstandings. I feel that I must reveal what I consider are mistruths, about the so-called State Courts (they are ‘Bank Branches’ – deposits ONLY) and the Judges are no longer Judges, they are ‘Corams’ (Administrators).

I come from speaking the truth, and the facts, by exposing the Bank Fraud that affects every Australian Family. We have tested all our research in every State and Federal Court.

I am a Small Business Advocate and Consultant, and have spent three and sometimes, four days a week, in so-called courthouses. I am based in Melbourne, Victoria, Officially  the most corrupt State in our country, and our deFacto Premier signed contracts, unlawfully, to the Chinese ‘Belt and Road Initiative’. Now, we have Australian Soldiers on our streets, enforcing the renewed lockdowns, and arrests have already started, if a person in one of Six Local Government areas – Does not have a permit! 

Does this sound like Communism or a replay of what North Korea might be doing to its ‘Slaves’?

I am convinced, No, I know for a Fact, the plandemic, is concealing the outright and blatant fraud by the Banks and their Lawyers, to hold unlawful mediations, push through with Court cases, while the courts are closed!!!

I am writing court documents and affidavits for people in every State of Australia. Now, I am seeking to unite Australians for the common cause of compensation & damages, and yes, we are executing our plan!!!  

I have taken my Members into every State Supreme Court, and these deFacto Courts all sing from the same songsheet!
1. Did you ‘BORROW‘ the money for your property?, and,
2. Did you repay the Bank their Monthly Repayment last month?
The WRONG answer to #1 is – ‘YES’ because i) You are NOT A BORROWER and No One ever sees any funds transferred from the Bank to the previous owner, and,
the WRONG answer to #2 is – NO, because NO ONE IN AUSTRALIA is paying off A MORTGAGEYOU ARE OBLIGORS to the US UNIT / BONDHOLDERS to paying THE RENT!

No one who has a property, and holds an alleged ‘Mortgage’, is paying off anything. YOUR SIGNATURE secured the funds from the Security Trustee, who raised the funds from the US UNIT / BONDHOLDERS! I have the Reports from the USA PROVING this FACT, YOUR BANK is in clear breach of US ANTI – TRUST LEGISLATION for MONEY – LAUNDERING.

I am building a community of Bank Fraud Victims, under each Bank, and when we have the critical numbers, we will repeat the process we alone achieved against CommBank, to expunge a near $2Million Farm Debt, after we lodged our Qui Tam Lawsuit into the International Criminal Court, at The Hague, The Netherlands, for a SE QLD Family, 16th March, 2020.


With respect to Lewis, who I have spoken to some time back, he is correct that there MUST be a Principal Sum on your Registered Mortgage, and deposited in the Land Titles Offices around Australia.  But Lewis has omitted, for whatever reason, the ‘WHY’ no Principal Sum is written on the Registered Mortgage Document, given to the Land Titles Office? Because Your Mortgages are bundled into Tranches, and packaged into a ‘Residential Mortgage – Backed Securities Trust (RMBS),and ‘On – Sold’ to a THIRD PARTY, which in many cases, the entity is ‘Perpetual Trustees Ltd., majority – owned and controlled by –
1. Hong Shanghai Banking Corporation,
2. Citigroup Banking Corporation,
3. JP Morgan Chase Banking Corporation, and,
4. BNP Banking Corporation,
where your mortgage has been ‘assigned’, by your bank, to the Security Trustee, to be traded on Wall Street, as a BOND!


Australian State and Federal Courts are ‘BEHOLDEN’ to the US BANKS, principally, the same four listed above, who are THE SAME FOREIGN BANKS that are at the top of the Shareholders OF YOUR OWN BANKS!!!

YES, These FOUR FOREIGN BANKS own and control our corporatised Bank – Owned ‘Courts’, and they are the money behind the ownership of our Land Titles Offices.

Queensland – Sold off several years ago, separate to the Parliament, which does not exist, as there is no Upper House – the Legislative Council, therefore, QLD IS NOT A STATE!New South Wales – Sold Off, and my members have confirmed the office is ‘Closed’, but the records have been moved to Perth, Western Australia???, but -Western Australia – LandGate, has been sold – off for $1.4Million by Ben Wyatt, Treasurer, to Macquarie Bank, owned by, you are right – HSBC, Citigroup, JP Morgan & BNP! – FACT!Victoria – Land Data sold off for better hospitals, never delivered, owned by the Superannuation Funds, controlled by Members Equity, controlled by ANZ, NAB, CommBank and Deutsche Bank

So, I assume Leon wrote –
If you read the attached High court application & specifically the first of  five Grounds for appeal, you will see one of Lewis Tomscanyi`s arguments that “no court has addressed the fact that there is “no principle sum” written on the mortgage document so according to the law, his so called Mortgage with NAB should be discharged because it is a mortgage of nothing. (this leads into how securitization is deceptively done)

Yes, No courts (Bank branches) can hear the argument that the ‘No Principal Sum’ argument be allowed in a court, because YOUR BANK SOLD YOUR MORTGAGE RIGHTS TO A SECURITY TRUSTEE!

If you read the High court ruling, you see the court will not address Lewis`s questions but deflect the argument and say the matter he is arguing was previously determined – (which it never was)  so they conclude Lewis case has no chance of success.

Yes, they will ALWAYS CONCLUDE we, the (incorrectly named ‘Borrowers’) have no chance of success, to conceal the FACT YOUR MORTGAGE HAS BEEN SOLD INTO A TRUST to A THIRD PARTY.

For those of you who understand the law has to be black and white, to have teeth, when the black and white is pointed out in banking processes, it turns to fuzzy toothless grey when courts are asked to pull banks into line.

If you still want to believe there is ‘LAW’ in a Foreign Bank – Owned’ Court, you will (unfortunately) ALWAYS LOSE! THE COURTS WILL ALWAYS HAVE THE BANKS INTERESTS – FIRST! I have cases to show the Barristers NEVER PRODUCE ANY EVIDENCE, much less a copy of a Mortgage, and they ALWAYS WIN!

Its like victims are a news reporter trying to get someone to admit they have a problem and the person avoids answering the question. That`s how the evidence stacks up on how Australia`s courts handle questions from victims on how our banking system works.

NO, I disagree, if you do not understand that our courts have been ‘Sold – Off’ by our politicians, and the County Court of Victoria, sitting beneath the Supreme Court of Victoria (Inc.), is owned by Challenger Financial Corporation, owned by THE SAME FOUR FOREIGN BANKS, listed above. Every State and Territory is EXACTLY THE SAME!!!

I needed to respond to shine a light on the deficiencies that we are NOT BORROWERS, WE ARE OBLIGORS TO PAY THE RENT!

This is a direct result of the fact that NO ONE is relying upon their Estate Fee SImple Rights, under the Australian Flag, which contains the Union Jack, which gives us our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!

I can show anyone, across AUSTRALIA, which is my vocation, I am an Advocate (I AM NOT A LAWYER) and support my Members when litigation commences and we complete the court process – WITHOUT LAWYERS, to engage the FRAUD and Money – Laundering. If you are entering court, I will write your affidavits, for the court and the Banks Lawyers, how to engage the ‘Queen’s Bench at Westminster’, including Queensland, and the Lawyers will run from the court! I have the proof of CommBank and ANZ and their Barrister, who could not refute and rebut my claim they MUST HAVE AN OATH OF ALLEGIANCE, to HM Queen Elizabeth II. 

I can also show anyone how to engage the ‘Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act’, 2006 (Vic), if you understand the power of the Commonwealth Constitution, under ‘the Queen’s Bench at Westminster’.

I am prepared to share my template letter, for anyone to add their personal details, and make a request to your Bank, for the following –
1. the Mortgage Contract – including the Credit Application and Loan Application Forms,
2. the Memorandum of Common Provisions, and
3. the Residential Mortgage – Backed Securities Trust (RMBS),

under Australian Consumer Law. I am looking to find 1,000 people across Australia, to write their letters seeking these documents, to force the -Australian Bankers Association, under Chair – Matt Comyn, CommBankto respond and comply with their own –ABA BANKING CODE of PRACTICE.

This is only the beginning of the long process, but United we will prevail, fragmented and Disunited, the Banks will always WIN! 

Bank Reform, reopening the ROyal Commission (The Report suppressed the Hard Facts), whatever protesting, or asking ‘hard questions’ at a Bank Annual General Meeting, IS NOT GOING TO MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE!

But 40 people, victims of Bank Fraud, uniting under ONE BANK, with a Qui Tam Lawsuit into the ICC, where the Penalty for Perjury by the lawyers,commences at –
US $25Million Fine, this is precisely why Matt Comyn expunged a nearly $2Million Farm Debt, in 20minutes, on the 16th March, 2020, for a Farming Family. Now, the family are negotiating a multi – million compensation package for the theft of their livelihood – their Organic Grass Fed Dairy Cattle! 

If anyone is interested, I write newsletters for Farming Families, by State, and about Banking Fraud and my cases in court. My contact details are below, if you have anyone Mortgage and Bank Fraud questions.

Thank you for your time and consideration, I hope I could set the record straight, and provide my facts to the discussion.

Derek Balogh
Small Business Advocate and Consultant

“It is a tragedy of the world that no – one knows he / she
doesn’t know – and less a Man / Woman knows, the more
sure he / she is that they know everything”

Joyce Cary – Irish Author (1888 – 1957)

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
Edmund Burke

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