Who is Derek Balogh?

Derek Balogh is fighting massive fraud in the banks. He is looking for 100 Aussies who have had their home or land taken from them by the banks…any bank….without just cause.

If you would like to join the team Derek is assembling to take the banks to task, please read the introduction to his organization first, and then fill in the form below. But first, read this to learn more about Derek and the….

National Federation of Independent Business

How We Differ:

The National Federation of Independent Business differs from other business associations in two vital ways.

Firstly, the local NFIB representative, one in each Federal electorate, who must run a small business, is empowered to handle the problems of the members. No remote boards or committees are involved.

Secondly, to prevent any undue influence by any group of members, donations do not carry any increased voting power.

All members have equal rights. The NFIB speaks to federal, state-territory and local government on a regular and continuing basis. However, it is the members themselves who set the policy agenda and establish NFIB’s position on all relevant issues.


  1. To provide Australian Independent Business with a VOICE to Government, and continuing involvement in economic,
    planning and industrial relations matters.
  2. To reduce the size and complexity of Government, and consequently –
  3. To reduce or eliminate onerous and unnecessary taxes, levies and charges imposed by ALL Governments.
  4. To have effective member representation in EVERY electorate in Australia, and put pressure on ALL politicians to recognise and take ACTION on the concerns of small business in their area.
  5. To revitalise the employment of our young people with a target of thousands of genuinely new and ongoing youth jobs within the Youth Business Centres of Australia Program.
  6. To directly reduce the costs and protect the Sale Value of small businesses by direct involvement in tenancy, franchising, contracting, planning, banking, fair trading and associated policies of ALL governments.


CLOUT – Members can influence public policy at all levels of government. They set NFIB policies and priorities through direct contact with their local NFIB representative and face-to-face interviews with politicians. As a “watchdog”, NFIB fights abuse of power by governments, monopolies, unions and corporations.

FINANCIAL – Members help to bring about beneficial laws that strengthen their enterprises and their competitiveness. In addition, other Services are provided in order to improve business efficiency and increase profits.

SHARED VALUES – Members can join forces with other business owners across Australia who share their belief in free markets, entrepreneurship, and a healthy small business community.

OMBUDSMAN – Members receive advice and support in dealing with governments, red tape and Federal and Territory bureaucracies.

HOPE – Members know that no matter how difficult circumstances may be, they are part of an organisation that has the Federation motto “We never give up, and, We never go away!”. This provides business owners with hope for a better future for themselves and their families.

Derek Balogh – NFIB Victoria

If any bank has taken or repossessed your house, farm or land for any reason please contact Derek below.

Describe your problem in a few short sentences…enough to give Derek an idea of how the banks have treated you.

Or if you would like to become a member, supporter or patron of NFIB, please fill in the form below.

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