The Bloody Aussie Battler Podcasts with Mike Holt.

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The Bloody Aussie Battler pulls no punches, fears no bureaucrat or thought policeman as he exposes the lies, crimes and treason Australians are subject to in our everyday lives.

The Battler and his invited guests discuss politics and issues that affect us today and into the future.

The Battler speaks for all Aussies who want to live free of government interference, under a fair and just political system of laws governed by our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 and Common Law.

5G Towers easily catch fire

Worried about 5G and want to stop it? Visit the website 5G to learn what you can do to stop the rollout of 5G technology in Australia. Max Igan talks about it in his chats with The Battler and Barrister Ray Broomhall. If you are worried about your health and for your family, you must listen to these discussions about 5G

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